The VVM process

Before Femern A/S can set contractors to work on the process of building the tunnel, the project must be approved on the German side and adopted by the Danish parliament in the form of a Construction Act. The background to the proposal for the Construction Act includes the VVM report, which Femern A/S has prepared on behalf of the Minister of Transport to evaluate the project's impact on the environment, people and society. 

The EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) process for the fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt (coast-to-coast) is largely divided into three phases: a concept phase/EIA scoping process, a supplementary concept phase for the production site and raw material extraction and the EIA report itself. There is public participation in the EIA process during all three phases – this happens at public hearings. 

1. Phase: Concept Phase/VVM scoping process 

During the concept phase/VVM scoping process, Femern A/S prepared a draft for an environmental study programme for the fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt (coast-to-coast) in 2010 – a so-called scoping report. The purpose of the scoping report was to establish a framework for the investigation of the natural and environmental conditions that are to be implemented when planning the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link and to invite ideas and suggestions for what should be included in the EIA report. The scoping report was published for public consultation in Denmark from 21 June 2010 – 6 September 2010. Femern A/S prepared a consultation paper where the Danish consultation response was commented upon. During the same period, the draft environmental study programme was submitted to the relevant German authorities and eligible organisations; furthermore, the Baltic Sea countries and Norway were consulted in accordance with the Espoo Convention. 

The consultation response from Danish authorities and interested groups, the consultation report and Espoo consultation response can be read here.

2. Phase: Supplementary concept phase 

The supplementary concept phase was held on the basis of a requirement to integrate the production site and raw material extraction into the overall VVM report for the fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt (coast-to-coast). The supplementary concept phase took place between 3 – 31 October 2011. Femern A/S prepared a consultation note where the consultation responses are commented upon. 

The consultation note and responses can be found on this page. 

3. Phase: VVM Report 

On the basis of the implemented environmental studies, Femern A/S has prepared an VVM Report. The VVM report can be read here.

The consultation will take place in the period 28. June - 20. September 2013.